Japanese Crafts!
Sushi is from Japan.  Sushi is made from
rice and raw fish.
I made my own craft sushi rolls
using craft foam and cotton balls.  
I glued two layers of cotton balls
on the black foam.

This plate of Sushi has a side of
shrimp. Sea food plays a very
important role in Japanese cuisine.

The Green smudge on the Sushi
plate is a side of Wasabi.  Wasabi
is a very spicy dip that is
sometimes paired with Sushi.  ( I
used Green Paint for the Wasabi)

Sushi rolls are eaten with Chopsticks.
Make a Japanese Fan!
Fans are a part of traditional
Japanese costume.
Here is an example of a
traditional Japanese fan.

I decorated my fan with Cherry
Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms mark
the coming of Spring in Japan.  I
used craft foam to make my
Cherry Blossoms.
The Japanese have had a great influence on
American pop culture.
1) Nintendo- America's favorite game station is from Japan  I made a "
old school" Nintendo controller using fun foam and cardboard.

2) Hello Kitty- is a favorite character that kids wear on many of their
things. Hello Kitty is from Japan.  
I made a Hello Kitty craft using craft  
3) Pokemon- is a very popular series with American kids.  Pikachu is
the most popular character.
Make a Japanese Geisha Doll!
In Japan. Geisha means artist. In
Japan a Geisha women is an artist
who is very good at dance and
Learn about the Geisha!
I made my Geisha Doll
by painting a wood
Ball from the craft
store for the head.  
The Geisha's hair is
made from felt.
The Geisha's dress
made from  tissue
Origami - the Japanese art of folding paper. The goal of
this art is to fold paper into an object.

I folded an origami paper lantern. Look online to find
many ways you can fold paper!!!